Code of Ethics

Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVedaOklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Inc


1. Social/Ecological Concern:

Members recognize their intrinsic involvement in the total community of life on the planet Earth. Members recognize the sacredness and relatedness of all living beings and the Earth, the environment that gives life and sustains them.

2. Professional Conduct:

ONACS members conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, they perform only those services for which they are qualified and represent their education, certification, professional affiliations and other qualifications honestly. ONACS Members also agree to honestly represent their level of recognition according to ONACS guidelines in all advertising media, web sites, etc. They do not in any way profess to practice medicine or psychotherapy, unless licensed by their state or country to do so. ONACS members who are either giving and or receiving sessions and services between themselves agree to abide by the ONACS Association Articles of Education and Healthcare Membership.

3. Health History and Referrals:

ONACS members keep accurate client records, including profiles of the body mind health history. They discuss any problem areas that may contraindicate the use of approved procedures and techniques, and refer their clients to appropriate medical or psychological .

4. Professional Appearance:

ONACS members pay close attention to cleanliness and professional appearance of self and clothing, of linens and equipment, and the office/ contact environment in general. They endeavour to provide a relaxing atmosphere, giving attention to reasonable scheduling and clarity about fees.

5. Communication and Confidentiality:

ONACS members maintain clear and honest communications with their clients, and keep all client information, whether medical or personal strictly confidential. They clearly disclose techniques used, appropriately identifying each in the scope of their professional practice.

6. Intention and Trust:

ONACS members are encouraged to establish and to maintain trust in the client relationship and to establish clear objectives, boundaries within a safe atmosphere.

7. Respect of Clients:

ONACS members respect the client’s physical ,emotional state, and do not abuse clients through inappropriate actions or speech, nor take advantage of the therapeutic relationship. They in no way participate in sex activity with a client. They consider the client’s comfort zone for touch and for degree of pressure, and honour the clients requests as much as possible within personal, professional and ethical limits. They acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person and therefore do not unjustly discriminate against clients or colleagues.

8. Professional Integrity:

ONACS members present Thai Style Healing Arts and Yoga Therapy in a professional and compassionate manner, representing themselves, their lineage and their practice accurately and ethically. They do not give fraudulent information, nor misrepresent ITTA or themselves to students or clients, nor act in a manner derogatory to the nature and positive intention of ONACS. They conduct their business honestly bringing a good reputation to all the schools. Practitioner members do not give out certificates for which they are not qualified nor give certificates to unqualified persons. Only Certified Instructors or above may give or issue certifications according to their level of recognition.

9. Professional Courtesy:

ONACS members respect the standards set by the various ONACS modalities, and they respect Service mark, Trademark and Copyright Laws. Professional courtesy includes respecting all ethical professionals in speech, writing or otherwise, and communicating clearly with others. They do not take clients from other practitioners.

10. Professional Excellence:

ONACS members strive for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, and by continued education diligent study and training.

Members agree to the above 10 standards of our Code of Ethics as a precondition to their being granted recognition and member status. Any infringement or violation of this ethical code is grounds for immediate suspension and or revocation of member status and all privileges without notice.

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