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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Thai Yoga 2

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Thai Yoga, Thai Massage treatment
Thai Yoga treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome includes extensive work on the hands.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injury, The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Solution
Part 2 of 2. by Anthony B. James DNM(C), ND, MD(AM), DOM(C), DPHC(h.c.), PhD, RAC, SMOKH

INNER: Any particular disorder or trauma whether acute or chronic like CTS will manifest differently in different persons. When looking for the INNER significance we first consider the balance and activity of the Chakras. We gain insight into the specific chakras involved by observing the physical correlations, i.e., corresponding body part, orifice, closest Sen, or line, and/or meridian.

Anahata Chakra, Heart Chakra in Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Yoga Therapy.
Anahata Charka, heart Chakra are important considerations in Thai Yoga, Thai Massage treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The chakras most closely associated with the hands and wrist are fourth Chakra, ANAHATA , commonly called the Heart Chakra. The hands are the vehicle for expressing and communicating from and of the heart. We say that the skin of the hands and arms is the organ most closely associated with the heart.

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Thai Yoga Massage Chair

Aachan, Dr. Anthony B James Master Thai Yoga Therapy Teacher

The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Massage Chair


Anthony B. James

You have to explore this! SomaVeda® Thai Yoga massage chair is the perfect adjunct to your existing practice for so many reasons. Having a portable massage chair opens up the possibility for mobility and the expansion of your practice. Virtually any kind of portable massage chair is suitable. I know there are a good variety of makes and models in different price ranges. I’ve seen them on Craig’s list for as little as $50.00, EBay for $100.00 (new) and up to $500 or $600 retail in some massage magazines. To start with, I recommend a basic, sturdy chair in your lower price range. If you like the work (as I think you will!) then bump it up with some bells and whistles to enhance your sessions like a fully adjustable face cradle, etc. I simply set up the chair and adjust in such a way that I do not have to mess with any settings once I get moving. After all, the whole point of any tool (and a portable massage chair is a tool) is to assist me. I don’t work around the chair, I use the chair! Continue reading Thai Yoga Massage Chair