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What is Somaveda Thai Yoga Book Now Available!

What is SomaVeda® Thai Yoga: 49 Systems of Self Expression and Healing


New comprehensive textbook on the SomaVeda® style of Ayurveda and Thai Yoga of Thailand!

Meta Journal Press: Brooksville, FL, Release Date: 11/11//2016 –

What is SomaVeda Thai Yoga: 49 systems of Self Expression and Healing

The SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® Indigenous Thai Yoga Ayurveda based healing system is a complex, innovative and elegant healing methodology. This book shows just how diverse and comprehensive SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is an can be. This is religious therapeutics for modern times!

The book provides clear and concise instructions and details for the practice in personal, ministerial and clinical setting.

If your interested in Ayurveda, Thai Yoga or Traditional Thai Massage you must read this book!

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History of Thai Ayurveda and Thai Yoga in Thailand

History of Ayurveda and Thai Yoga in Thailand

Origins of Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage


Thai Yoga reduces psychological stress

By Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND(T), MD(AM), DPHC(h.c.), PhD, DOM, RAC, SMOKH Academic Dean SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center (SCNM).

Indigenous, Traditional Thai Massage (Indigenous Thai Yoga Therapy), also called “Ryksaa Thang Nuad Phaen Boran Thai” or the “ancient Chirothesia (synonymous with Yoga Therapy Thai style) or hands-on healing” of Thailand, is born of a long tradition.[2] This unique system of indigenous, traditional, natural medicine and Yoga therapy finds it’s ancient roots first in the traditions of classical Ayurveda as far back as the 5th century BCE.  Subsequently the Vedic health and medical practices eventually became common practice in SE Asia, and Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand were heavily influenced by succeeding generations of Buddhist influence, philosophy and practice.  Some form of this traditional medicine has been taught and practiced in various locations for about 2500 years.

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