Contact ThaiMassage

Contact ThaiMassage

Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Yoga is ingrained in Thai culture and tradition
The God King Rama receiving traditional Yoga Therapy. Even the God’s appreciate our medicine! Learn Thai Yoga, Go To The Source! Let us teach you the oldest, intact, continuously practiced hands on healing known to planet earth. Already know some Thai? Let us show you advanced concepts in practice. Expert beginners are still beginners, just really good ones. You can’t practice what you have never learned! http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com

Contact ThaiMassage: How to Reach Us

The best way to contact ThaiMassage staff with questions, suggestions and or contributions is to do so! We love to hear from fans of Thai Massage, Thai Yoga and Traditional Thai Medicine.

Phone:     (706) 358-8646 (USA)

Email:    NAIC/ SCNM/ Thai Yoga Center

Mailing Address:   NAIC, Inc. 5401 Saving Grace Lane, Brooksville, FL 34602


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******************* NAIC, Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Websites and Resources *******************
NAIC host all these excellent websites!  Visit them today.
1) WWW.ThaiMassage.Com
2)  www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com (Head Quarters and Full time, Physical School)
3) www.SomaVeda.Org (SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine)
4) www.SomaVeda.Com (Native American Indigenous Church)
5) www.ThailandStudyTours.Com (Our Thai training programs in Thailand)
6)  www.IndiaStudyTours.Com (Our Ayurveda training programs in India)
7)  www.BeardedMedia.Com (Our Bookstore)
8)  www.CafePress.Com/thaimassage (Official ONACS, Thai Yoga and Thai Massage items, gifts and decorations)
9) www.OmNamoShivago.Com (Jivaka, Shivago OmNamo Mantra)

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Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage and Indigenous Natural Medicine: Ancient tools for modern times