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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury, The SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Solution


Part 1 of 2. by Anthony B James DNM(C), ND, MD(AM), DOM(C), DPHC(h.c.), PhD, RAC, SMOKH

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a challenge that is cropping up more and more frequently. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga offers practical, effective and elegant solutions. Conventional remedial treatments are fine and can be examples of compassion in action, but Western style physical therapeutic and orthopedic approaches are limited in just how much compassionate relief they are able to deliver. This is because the conventional Western therapeutic model for treatment is not holistically based. A more compassionate approach is a protocol which leads to fundamental understanding and renders the application of remedial therapies unnecessary! The Thai Yoga approach to treating and perhaps curing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is entirely based on indigenous and traditional holistic (Naturopathic) practices.

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