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Welcome to the ONACS Thai Yoga/Thai Massage Practitioners Resource Center


We are here to support your interest in Indigenous Traditional Medicines from Thailand, India, China North and South America as including but not limited to: Yoga and therapeutic practice of Thai Yoga, Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Style Body Work and Somatic Practices. We support all recognized styles of Thai Yoga/Thai Massage, including SomaVeda®, Nuad Boran, Wat Po Systems, Anantasuk, Tawee, Lek Chaiya, Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society etc. That means whether you trained in Chiangmai or Bangkok, Lamphun or Udanthani we have a place for you! Northern and Southern styles are equally represented. Even though we are a member supported organization, we welcome lay persons as well through our ONACS- Authorized Participant Membership. We are always looking to improve this site and your helpful suggestions are appreciated. Here you will find many varied and interesting resources to help you in your Thai Yoga/Thai Massage education and experience.

Important! Please Note! Although ONACS is proud to offer a path to recognitions and legal practice to those practitioners and therapists with pre-existing education, certificates and training from non-tribal schools and organizations, all members are required to complete a minimum level of ONACS training to establish legal competency and to be issued to practice under ONACS authority and jurisdiction. No exceptions. All current ONACS Authorized Certificate and Degree Programs are listed on the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine website.

Please note: Unlike other novice Thai Associations we have been promoting and developing programs in Thai Yoga and Thai Massage full time since 1984! We are the oldest and original source for comprehensive recognition’s and programs in the US. Our history and work is well documented. All of our recognitions, accreditation’s and awards are genuine and posted on this website! Unlike other association who may claim to represent the Thai Yoga or Thai Massage industry everything we say and stand for can be independently verified! We have many verifiable formal recognition’s, awards and certifications in Thailand from all the schools and traditions we represent in Thailand and from the various appropriate ministry’s etc. (Click Here to see the list!). ONACS is a Native American Church and private ecclesiastical membership association: Join Today!

We, the Instructors, schools and practitioners, regardless of level of practice, whole heartedly support actively all genuine schools and teachers with verifiable background and credentials. Do not be fooled into supporting those instructors and schools, who have no verifiable background or authentic training and certification. Also, do not be fooled or mislead by websites and schools claiming that there is no US standards for practicing Thai Yoga! There have been standards in use, promoted and supported by ONACS since 1983! Our standards for practice and recognition are considered the highest quality and we can prove with the support and recognition of The Royal Thai Governmental agencies, and the awards and recognition’s that we have received from them! No other association, or schools can make these claims and offer proof.

Our recognized programs are the only such programs in the US to currently allow graduate practitioners and students to sit for the Naturopathic National Boards for Traditional Naturopath. This is currently the highest possible standard for recognition of Thai Massage and Thai Yoga in the US. For information on the Thai Yoga Based Holistic Health Practitioner and Doctor of Natural Medicine Ayurveda Programs: Click Here!

If your interested in being part of supporting the traditions derived from Thai Ayurveda and related, then ONACS is where you need to be. Be proud of your heritage and your industry. Lets work together for the future of Thai Yoga and Thai Massage in the US and in the world!

Please note! Traditional Thai Medicine and Traditional Thai Massage are cultural heritage of the Thai Kingdom and Thai People.

Please Note:  ONACS, the Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda. ONACS a Florida Non-Profit: IRS 501c(3) compliant Religious/ Church Organization, a UN DESA NGO registered Indigenous Peoples Organization offers services, information education and membership in support of Earth based, Energy based, Spirit based Native American and Traditional Indigenous Natural healing and medicine including Thai Yoga and Thai Massage in the public interest.


ONACS Administrative Secretary

Dr. Julie James DNM(M), HHPA, CTT, CYT, CHT

ONACS Board of Advisors

Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James DNM(M), ND(T), MD(AM) ,DPHC(h.c.), RAC, SMOKH

Mr. Daniel Kram CYT, CTT

Hon. Prof. Dr. Charles McWilliams (PanAmerican School of Natural Medicine, Nevis West Indies)

Dr. Sunil Pai MD (Sanjevani Integrative Medicine… Albeurque, NM)

Dr. Eliezer Ben Joseph (Natural Solutions.. El Paso, TX)

Dr. Aram Amaradit, President, Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society

Mr. Mark Boontawn (Chiangmai)

Ms. Agnes Solis D. Ac. CMP

Mr. Surasak Srinoi

Aachan Nantipa Anantasuk (Anantasuk/ Wat Po)

Aachan Lek Chaiya (Mama Lek)

Khruu Chongkol Settakorn (ITM Chiangmai)

Ms. Lydia Smith CATP, CTT, CYT, LMT, RYT

Ms. Arianna Coe CATP, CTT, LMT

Mr. Muneer Hameed CATP, CTT (Honorary, Posthumas)

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